Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Lip Cozy

Have you ever taken your piping hot cup, pot, or whatever cooking vessel you happen to be using, brought it to your mouth to drink some nice warm tea or coffee and completely burned your lips? Well, I can assure you, that I have done it more than once… But, fortunately for me, those dark, lip burned days are behind me.

Ignoring the most obvious solution of waiting until the pot cools down, another solution to this problem is to bring a seperate (non-metal) cup to use for drinking. But, being the kind of guy I am, I don't really want to lug an extra cup around just for drinking some tea. So, what's the alternate solution? Well, I affectionately call it my "lip cozy." Instead of the usual cup cozy that goes on the outside of a cup, this is a little attachment that goes inside the top of cup so that you can drink from the cool plastic as opposed to the scathing metal. Oh, and for you gram counters, this barely weights anything.

Although the image above should be pretty self explanatory, for those of you who would like complete step-by-step instructions, of how to make this wonderful attachment, read on!
  • An empty (and cleaned) yogurt container. Or any container that would snuggly fit inside your cup
  • Scissors
Cut off the bottom of the yogurt cup
For my cup (which technically is the frying pan that comes with my cook set, but works perfectly as a single serving cup), a large (36 oz) Fage yogurt container worked perfectly. Feel free to use whatever container has a tapered diameter (larger at the top than at the bottom) that would snuggly fit inside your cup. Take your scissors and simply cut off the bottom.
Cut off the top
Now that the bottom has been cut, cut off the top (if necessary) to make the lip cozy wide enough that you can comfortably drink from the cup while not being too large.
Wow! That was hard! Just make sure that when you put water in your cup and tilt it, that the water doesn't leak out between the lip cozy and the cup. If you chose your yogurt cup properly, this shouldn't be a problem. No go forth and enjoy your hot beverage without burning lips!

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