Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY High Visibility Tent Stakes

Although I made some of my own stakes, I also have some DAC V stakes that came along with my Sierra Designs Lightyear 1 tent. The problem with these (and most other stakes that are not some bright color to begin with, including the ones I made) is that they can be hard to see and easy to misplace or trip over. So, a very simple solution to this conundrum is to take some bright nail polish and paint the top of the stakes. A note of warning, if you are taking it from your significant other, make sure to ask to borrow the nail polish first to make sure that you don't run in to any trouble when you go up to her and say, "Look at my cool stakes!"

  • Bright nail polish
  • Tent stakes
This is a hard one. Take nail polish. Apply to stakes. Wait for it to dry.
Oh wait, there is no next step.


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